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You might be in a lot of pain if a dental emergency occurs. The pain might be the result of a mouth injury, tooth pressure, loose restoration or another serious dental issue. No matter the source of the pain, you’re probably desperate for relief. Knowing where to seek urgent treatment can help you avoid suffering more damage and relieve the pain that you already have. If you’re looking for emergency dentists to fix your dental emergency, consider calling our office. We are able to provide emergency care during normal office hours from our general dentists.

Where Are Emergency Dentists Located?

Whether you’re in need of treatment right away or want to be ready just in case, you may look for, “emergency dental care near me.” Our office professionals will do their best to meet you dental emergency needs during regular office hours. We can conduct extensive repair services under urgent circumstances. We don’t think that you should keep suffering when an emergency arises. In fact, there’s a chance that complications will develop if you delay getting professional help. For example, you might end up needing to visit the emergency room if the problem gets worse.

Our goal is to do everything that we can to detect and resolve your emergency dental problem upon arrival. If we can’t, then we’ll give it our best effort to arrange urgent dental care as soon as possible so that you don’t have to suffer longer than necessary. Also, we’ll let you know if you’ll need further treatment in order to prevent recurring issues. Call the emergency dentists in Indiana to start feeling better soon.

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Which Dental Procedures Are for Emergencies?

Emergency dental services are treatments that ease tooth pain and restore structural damage. Additionally, emergency dental care handles other problems that could arise and permanently damage your teeth. Emergency dentists commonly treat mouth injuries and can offer temporary restorations while permanent ones are made for you. At an emergency dental office, some of the issues that are treated during business hours include:

  • Infected teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Tooth injuries and decay
  • Severe toothaches
  • Wisdom tooth swelling and pain
  • Displaced or lost crowns and cavity fillings
  • Braces issues, such as broken brackets, displaced wires and pain

When Are Urgent Dental Services Necessary?

When you have pain around a tooth or your gums, don’t ignore it as something that you can address later. Doing so puts you at risk for serious complications. Instead, you should seek emergency dental care. If you don’t already know where to get treatment, you can search for an, “emergency dental office near me.” Keep reading to understand the most common dental problems for which you should see emergency dentists.

Cracked or Broken Teeth

Cracked or broken teeth have a high risk for infection and serious structural damage. Even though dental wax works well to prevent the edges from cutting the inside of your mouth, you should call our office right away for treatment.

Knocked-out Teeth

For knocked-out teeth, collect all of the fragments. Until you contact us to replant them, you can rinse with warm water and place the teeth into their sockets. Remember to only grasp them at the crowns.

Severe Toothaches and Tooth Pressure

Severe toothaches and tooth pressure may be symptoms of more serious issues. Don’t wait to seek treatment, especially if you experience a fever and earache as well.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity doesn’t always require emergency treatment, but you may not know that you have a fracture or infection. Visit our office if you unexpectedly develop a problem.

Decay and Cavities

Decay and cavities can trigger severe toothaches since the tooth roots are exposed to food debris and bacteria. Our dentists can ease your pain by repairing the damage with fillings.

Infected Teeth

Infected teeth, also called abscessed teeth, typically occur when decay, trauma and gum disease go untreated. They may cause fever, tooth sensitivity, swollen glands, sore gums and severe pain. Only emergency care can prevent complications.

Detached or Missing Fillings

Detached or missing fillings tend to cause sensitive teeth and toothaches. Arrange to visit our office for repairs to avoid suffering more damage and decay.

Lost and Broken Crowns

Lost and broken crowns have more than cosmetic consequences because your teeth become more vulnerable to damage. Emergency care can restore them to protect your teeth and smile.

Orthodontic Injuries or Pain

Injuries and pain tend to occur with braces, particularly the metal ones. We can address orthodontic injuries or pain by adjusting your braces to prevent recurring problems.

Worn-down Enamel

Over time, grinding your teeth in your sleep can substantially wear down your tooth enamel. Our dentists can make worn-down enamel stronger and provide night guards to prevent grinding.

Continuous Sinus Pressure

When you experience continuous sinus pressure and tooth pain, you should rule out dental conditions, such as impacted wisdom teeth or infections. Visit our dentists to receive a diagnosis.

How Can People Handle More Serious Problems?

Before you search for an “emergency dental office near me,” think about if you require more treatment than you can get at an emergency dental office. Instead of visiting emergency dentists in Indiana, you might need to visit an emergency room or an oral surgeon for emergency dental care. Some problems that warrant dialing 911 include:

  • Sudden mouth and head injuries
  • Severe gum and facial swelling
  • Serious, continuous bleeding

How Much Will Urgent Dental Procedures Cost?

Emergency dental services don’t have a fixed price because the cost is affected by many factors, including the severity of the issue and steps required to resolve your problem and who provides the treatment. For that reason, your dental emergency costs will depend on your unique needs.

When you have dental insurance, you can save money on out-of-pocket emergency dental care costs. Otherwise, DentRite® is a dental discount plan that offers low-cost dental care with flat fees and simple pricing. For example, it affords 20% to 70% in savings on teeth cleanings, regular checkups, X-rays, and several cosmetic and restorative dental services. Find out more when you contact your local emergency dentists.

Are Affordable Urgent Dental Services Nearby?

When you need affordable “emergency dental care near me,” local emergency dentists are there for you. At Wadas Dental, we accept policies through DentRite and several leading dental insurers. You can also pay for urgent dental care with major credit cards or other financial options. Visit or contact us during business hours for treatment from emergency dentists in Indiana.

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